Detailed Information

The founding of the North Dundas Chamber of Commerce was a logical response to the 1997-8 merger of four precursor municipalities into the Township of North Dundas. Today, our Chamber represents the diverse interests of member businesses —  from farming to fashion — across a broad spectrum of pursuits operating out of charming villages, busy and burgeoning subdivisions, and a sprawling rural countryside mosaic that quietly bustles with activity just beyond the southern boundary of the Nation’s Capital. This is beautiful North Dundas, and we are proud to do business here.

For starters, the North Dundas Chamber of Commerce strives to raise awareness about the benefits of patronizing local business to the consumer base in the township and regions beyond. Ongoing campaigns around shopping locally are one aspect of that effort. This carries over to the business-to-business side of local trade as well: The Chamber encourages member enterprises to spend their dollars with other members when possible. Within our organization, businesses find common cause by networking, sharing experiences as entrepreneurs and building alliances that benefit the bottom line and the community.

The North Dundas Chamber of Commerce also lobbies local government and, when called upon, the senior levels of government. From taxes to zoning issues, we have a good track record of gaining the ear of local policy makers when necessary. Today, for example, the Township of North Dundas offers help restoring business façades — a program that may not exist today if not for the strong partnership forged over the years between the Chamber and municipality.

The Chamber is always looking for new ideas to improve the business experience in North Dundas. Send us your ideas!