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9 Mill Street, Chesterville, Ontario K0C 1H0
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Income tax preparation can be one of the most stressful times of the year.

I have been preparing income tax returns since the 1970’s and have been an Efiler since 2005

Located in Chesterville, I can prepare and Efile your tax return while you wait or you can just drop your T-slips in my mailbox and leave a contact number or email address.

My fees are far less than the branded companies even though I have far more experience than most, and includes representation if CRA has any issues with the return.

For sole proprietors and partnerships, I can prepare your quarterly HST return with my advanced spreadsheets customised for your business and CRA compliant for your year end T1 return.

Filing by the deadline avoids the 5% or more penalty even if you can’t pay all or part of your taxes owing. There is no late filing penalty if you are getting a refund or owe fewer than two dollars.

I’ve adapted my sole proprietor/partnerships spreadsheet to accommodate small corporations under the IFRS/GIFI rules. I can prepare your general ledger, quarterly HST and year end T2 at a very reasonable price.